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Multi-Blender, Juicer, Tofu maker NULLLYPOP

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  • MaterialEco-friendly material like Stainless steel, ABS, PETG and others
  • Size290 * 160 * 385 mm
  • Weight4 kg
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Product Detail Information

Nullly Pop (NP-101) - juicer mixer

│ Company instruction │

Daesung ARTLON specially got a achievement award from government for their distinguished service like developing global market with a multi-mixer made in Korea.
Daesung Artlon also hold the 74 kinds of patent by developing competitive consumer appliances.
Daesung Artlon, which has been challenging the market based on 30 years’ innovative ideas, makes it a point to go to the customers with more creative and innovative products.

│ Product Specification │

- Product & model: Nully pop(NP-101)
- Energy consumption efficiency grade: Nully pop NP-101
- Voltage: AC220V 60Hz
- Power consumption: 380W
- Made in Korea
- Size: 290*160*385mm
- Weight: 3.9kg

│ Convenient Structure │

- Easy to assemble/disassemble.
- Stainless steel cup is shwashersafe (after removing the handleset).
- One multipurpose blade.
- Detachable hose tube.

│ Safety Design │

- Lid control with double safety lock (power light is on - ready to use)
- Embedded temperature sensor for motor protection (95±5℃)
- Electromagnetic-approved parts and major parts are certified for safety and have KS mark.
- Double insulation structure for reinforced insulation. Resists 3750V for 1minute.

│ Design │

- Comprehensive images
- Metallic unit
- Similar to coffee maker
- Unique style


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Nullly Pop _NP_101_ _ juicer mixer

Nullly Pop _NP_101_ _ juicer mixer